'we are dancers'


original motion picture soundtrack:

an anti-fascist story of queer defiance and resistance in 1933 berlin.

we are dancers is a BAFTA shortlisted period drama set in 1933 berlin about hansi sturm, an anti-nazi cabaret drag-artist, and his friends the day after the reichstag fire. hansi must decide whether to abandon his club or stay to face the nazi men his former lover has told him will come there for revenge.

this is a story about defiance and resistance at a point in queer history not often talked about and seeks to honour the 50,000 victims of fascist violence against the lgbt community during the nazi regime.


this film comes at a time when we are seeing increased attacks on the lgbt community and the emboldening of the far-right. homophobic attacks are on the increase in the u.k, gay men are disappearing in chechnya and u.s. policies against the trans community are being re-popularised. we are dancers not only talks about our history and how it affected people, but how we organise ourselves to ensure our rights and our communities are protected.

written & directed by joe morris

produced by joe morris & luz alejandra llano
edited by neil fergusson
music by james peter moffatt